Registration / discounts via the various forums.

From now on, we only accept guests who hand in the original printed voucher when they arrive at the club and also in the forum / www. are registered when they arrive at the club.

Couples who continue to register, print out the voucher and then cancel their registration online bcforgetit.gif, will pay the full price in future.

We don't have any more lust for stories like - printer broken - no more color cartridges - paper was all - to love the environment - on the way - in the hotel - etc.

The price reduction is a voluntary initiative from Blue-Cat, a courtesy on our part, L-U-S-T on discussions of any kind, no D-A-N-K-E

Every forum that offers you the voucher writes "PLEASE PRINT OUT & show it to the club.

Your Blue-Cat team
Voucher through the forums